The time has finally come. After over 3 years of delivering our subscribers the MOST and the BEST coverage in our digital edition, the FD Rant News has arrived in print format. This is a direct result from the feedback we have received from our loyal readers. Just like when we launched our 1st ever edition on February 1, 2012, many people were unaware that there was a new form of media to bring them fire and emergency scene coverage from across Long Island. Over the years our publication grew from a “cute little newsletter” with a half dozen “unknown” correspondents into an industry leader in covering the Long Island Fire Service. Now, those very correspondents are seasoned veterans who are well respected for the work they perform. We have changed the industry because we have been committed to improving our content and deliver it in a form and style that our readers want to see.

-Ex-Chief Jeff DiLavore Publisher

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