Dried Flowers

Dried flowers are a trending floral decor that will never go out of style! the long-lasting flowers are perfect for your wedding as you can keep your wedding flowers preserved for a long time. They dried flowers are preserved at the flower farms to ensure their sustainabilitly and then specific flowers are bleached and dyed for fun colors and styles. While delicate, dried flowers can be preserved indefinitely if carefully handled. Learn how to design with dried flowers and how to take care of dried flowers so that they last-longer. 

Dried Pampas Grass

from $129.99

White Dried Italian Ruscus

from $174.99

Dried Lavender Bulk Bunches

from $147.24

White Dried Eulalia Grass

from $198.99

Dried Natural Canary Grass

from $49.49

Moonlight Kissed Dried Lunaria


Dried Red Protea Flower

from $49.49

Dried Chocolate Truffle Canary Grass

from $72.49

Dried Foxtail Millet Grasses

from $83.99

Dried Dark Amber Canary Grass

from $49.49

Burnt Orange Foxtail Grass

from $83.99

Dried Straw Flower

from $135.74

Blush Dried Italian Ruscus

from $158.74

Dried Antique Raspberry Canary Grass

from $64.99

White Dried Canary Grass

from $141.49

White Broom Bloom

from $51.79

Dried German Statice

from $135.74

Dried Natural Happy Flowers

from $47.19

Dried Chocolate Truffle Buttons

from $43.74

Pink Dried Canary Grass

from $141.49

Dark Hickory Foxtail Grasses

from $95.49

White Dried Nigella Pods

from $141.49

Dried Burnt Orange Floral Buttons

from $49.49

Dried Vintage White Floral Buttons

from $49.49

Dried Eucalyptus Pods

from $66.74

Bleached Italian Straw Flower

from $129.99

Wild Dried Oats

from $52.94

Blush Italian Straw Flower

from $147.24

Dried Hanging Heliconia Flowers

from $124.24

Dried Yellow Floral Buttons

from $49.49

Ancient Desert Dried Palms

from $428.99

Maroon Foxtail Millet Grass

from $83.99

Bleached Bell Cups

from $49.49

Blush Dried Timothy Grass

from $141.49

Dried Bunny Tail Grass


Dried Platys Spiral Cones

from $48.34

Dried Shelf Mushroom

from $49.49

Dried Ginger

from $87.44

Dried Palm Caps

from $47.19

Dried Trumpet Pods

from $47.19

Green Dragon Dried Lepidium

from $141.49

Mauve Dried Protea Crowns

from $50.64

Cleopatra Desert Round Palm

from $204.99

Dried Chocolate Truffle Yarrow

from $50.64

Dried Pomegranates

from $57.54

Dried Red Velvet Happy Flowers

from $47.19

Lavender Dried Eulalia Grass

from $152.99

Light Pink Broom Bloom

from $135.74
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