Hanukkah Flowers

Fresh blue and white flower arrangements will make your Hanukkah festive and bright! From white hydrangeas to blue-tinted greenery, FiftyFlowers has an assortment of ready-to-go flowers for the Festival of Lights. Your favorite flower bouquet will make a perfect table centerpiece or decoration in your home and at your holiday events.

Snow White Flower Centerpiece

from $99.99

White Themed Event Decorative Flower Arrangement

from $84.99

Varsity Blues Bridal Centerpieces

from $104.99

White Wedding Table Decoration Centerpieces

from $149.99

High Society Flower Centerpiece

from $84.99

Charming White Fresh Flower Arrangement

from $169.99

Bright and Festive White Cremon Flower Bouquet


Cerulean Sky Centerpiece

from $154.99

Hues of Blue Filler Flower Centerpiece

from $174.99

White Classic Table Centerpieces


Dozen Cream Rose Table Arrangements

from $169.99

Blue Farm to Table Centerpieces

from $114.99

Wedding Decor Fresh White Flowers

from $119.99

Fresh White Hydrangea Petals

from $144.99

Fresh Hydrangea Petals Blue and White Mix

from $144.99

Fresh Hydrangea Petals Something Blue

from $144.99

Antique Blue Fresh Hydrangea Flower Petals

from $144.99

Fresh Hydrangea Petals Blue Bliss

from $144.99

Hydrangea Berry Airbrushed Flower

from $94.99

Pearl White Garden Rose Petals

from $179.99

Iceberg White Dried Rose Petals

from $119.99